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Phyllis Callison

Phyllis Callison

Phyllis Callison Butto was brutally murdered in Austin, TX, on Feb. 10, 1975. She is buried at Williams Cemetery in Chapel Hill.  Thanks for the information Deborah Craig Steed.

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04/07/11 09:39 AM #1    

Susan Gillespie (Reed)

I knew Phyllis at JT,but we were not close friends. After graduation,we ran into each other one night and started talking. After that we became best of friends. We later both moved from Tyler and sorta lost track. When I moved back,I started trying to find her. Shortly after that I heard the heartbreaking news about my friend. We went through a lot together,she stood by me in one of the most difficult times in my life. I know she is in a wonderful place,because she was a amazing person. I still miss you my friend, you were the best.

05/27/16 10:12 AM #2    

Deborah Craig (Steed)

After the reunion, I did a little research to find the year of Phyllis Callison's death.  Phyllis Callison Butto was brutally murdered in Austin, TX, on Feb. 10, 1975. She is buried at Williams Cemetery in Chapel Hill.  I'm still researching to see if they ever found the person who killed her. The last information I could find was a few days later when the police were "shadowing" a suspect or suspects. Her death is linked to another similar murder around the same time.  So sad.

05/28/16 12:02 PM #3    

Ramonda Whitaker (Alexander)

Phyllis was my cousin and sad to say, for the family's sake, they never found the person who murdered her.

05/30/16 05:36 PM #4    

Sherry Holden (Hansford)

Thank you Debbie Craig for your search. Several tried to find out and hit A dead end. I had it down as 1973. It was a very sad thing but perhaps with technology they will find the culprits someday soon. Phyllis and I rode bus #4 together to Dixie.  We were not close friends but friends that laughed all the way to and from school every day. 

05/30/16 08:33 PM #5    

Belinda Kelley (Kromer)

Thanks Debbie for researching. Sherry  is right several of us tried with no luck to find the history so that we could properly memorialize our sweet friend. I had known her since the 1st grade and while we didn't run together, we were long time school friends and the news of her tragic death was devastating. She will always have a special place in my childhood friendship memories. I know the angels dance with her daily! Beautiful  girl with a glowing smile. There is a star shining bright in the heavens for her. 


05/31/16 10:00 PM #6    

Darrell Clakley (Jt 1972)


I lived two houses down from Phyllis from junior high on. She was a year older. I believe that her husband was a suspect in the early stages of the investigation.  I know her death was hard on her family. I still pray that her murder is caught.

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