In Memory

Margaretta Newell

She became an advocate for those in wheelchairs. I heard she chained herself to a political officials desk to get his attention for her cause. She was my first friend with a car and it was a 57' chevy!! We used to cruise Broadway until our $1.00 of gas played out and rock to Three Dog Night. Still think of her fondly when I hear "One." She played clarinet in the band.

Sherry H. Hansford

Form of MS

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Harold Miller

I just jealize who Margaret Newell is, she was the daughter of my moms last Husband, John Newell. I recall him tellin me he thought she graduated the same year as i did. Her mom also had MS i believe. He married my mom several years after my dad and his wife died. I recall his daughter Margaret passed, a while after he and my mom were married. I also remember her from school.

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