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Debbie Turk

Debbie Turk

Airplane Crash

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03/07/11 08:07 AM #1    

Jill Davis (Starks)

She wrote in my yearbook, "Hey my friend, I don't know where you are, but I'll be there, Ill help you find your star there's not a face can take you place by far, so hey my friend, I m always where you are."

Memories of her, she had such a sweet spirit and really tried hard.  She is truly missed by all!!

Debi and her brother Steve were killed in a plane taking their grandmother to be buried out of state in 1977.  It was such a shock to all of us.

I am sure you all know what I mean and I probably could write a book  about our friendship. I really miss her.



03/10/11 09:22 PM #2    

Aletha Cole (Nelligan)

I loved Debbie.  She was totally real and honest and loyal to her family and friends.  She made me laugh and she made me think. 

03/23/11 11:20 PM #3    

Zonn Land (Curbow)

My friend, my heart...I think of you everyday.  You were going to be here for the birth of my second child and i was so excited.  Two weeks later I am taking Rickie his lunch at work and hear of your and Steve's death on the car radio.  What a way to learn of one of your best friends has died.  I miss you so much.  You never had much in the way of material things but boy you had so much more in other ways and i wish you were here.

05/20/11 02:37 PM #4    

Sherry Holden (Hansford)

As I sit here waiting until it is time to leave for this 40th reunion I think of you. What a very special, sweet girl who always encouraged me no matter what.  You will always be a champion to me and I am sad you will not be here with us except in so many hearts. 

05/23/11 02:22 PM #5    

Janeye Mitchell (Davis)

I didn't meet Debbie until Jr. High when we became close friends in Mrs. Ammons Choir class.  She was so pretty , sweet and funny!  And loved to sing.  She was also very shy,  - it took me months of coaxing to get her to join us girls on Friday nights when we would go to the movies.  Everyone loved her and included her in whatever we were doing.  She really came out of her shell when we got to J.T. -She loved Sophomore Blue Brigade, Drill Team and then Twirl Major. Oh how she shined! One day we will see that precious smile again.  She was truly a blessing to my life.

06/04/11 03:15 PM #6    

Jill Davis (Starks)

From: Vinny Barborka


I have been writing my life history and searching for a wonderful family who was so kind to me when I served as a Mormon missionary in Tyler, Texas in early 1973. Sadly, this site is the end of that search. Debbie Turk was a young woman who just oozed with enthusiasm, optimism, and energy. I looked for her off and on for many years to tell her "thanks" for her kindness to me, and only found this site today. She loved her school, and LOVED drill team. She gave me a photograph of her drilling with Tyler JC's famous drill team. Just an outstanding young lady. God Bless you, Debbie Turk.

This was sent to our website. I just posted it.

11/12/11 08:32 AM #7    

Tina Luman

"John Tyler Alumni,   I'd like to give you my thanks for honoring Debbie and Steve Turks' memories, for commemorating their lives.  I met Debbie at TJC.  I was the shy one, and she took me under her wing.  To me, she became the sister I didn't have.  That picture you posted of her made me smile.  Just looking at it brought back such fond memories that Deb created with her goodness and sparkling personality.
I am grateful she touched my life.  The time was far too short. 
Thank you for doing the kind deed of a memorial.  Thank you for remembering.  Debbie wrote the words of Tennyson on my notebook at TJC, "I am a part of all that I have met."    She made life about giving so she will always be a part of, and an inspiration, to all of us who knew her."  
Janice Mallard
Winona High class of '71

11/23/11 09:29 PM #8    

Ken Reynolds

Oh to be.................Hitchin' a ride

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